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10 Benefits of Green Tea | Why You Should Drink it Every Day!
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10 Benefits of Green Tea | Why You Should Drink it Every Day!  We’ll communicate greater approximately that in just a chunk – first, I’m going to reply some questions on this superfood. Then, we’ll examine the first rate incredible blessings of green tea! WHAT IS GREEN TEA? To exceptional apprehend green tea, we need to look at tea in wellknown. Most human beings drink black tea or versions of it. Others like to sip on oolong tea, and a few people decide on the white variety of tea. What are the differences, and what makes inexperienced tea so healthy? Tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush. The plant is available in sorts. One grows in China and is used for green and white teas. The second form of bush is determined in India and is used for each oolong and black tea. Of the four types of tea, green tea has the maximum flavonoids, which are plant-primarily based antioxidant chemical compounds. Green tea is the least oxidized when processed, and this is why it's miles touted because the most useful. Close up picture of inexperienced tea leaves on a wood spoon ready to be made into healthful inexperienced tea. HOW MUCH GREEN TEA SHOULD YOU DRINK A DAY? Studies have now not been conclusive on how lots inexperienced tea to drink an afternoon to reap the maximum gain. It truely relies upon on the individual and their very own non-public fitness. Different quantities of inexperienced tea each day will gain you in numerous ways. For instance, in managed research, folks who drank one to a few cups each day had a decrease danger of stroke and heart disease than topics who drank much less than one cup. And belly most cancers become much less possibly to broaden in ladies who ate up over 5 cups each day. But, we ought to look at it this way – how a good deal you eat relies upon on how tons you may tolerate. Not all and sundry desires to drink 5 cups in 24 hours. Adding green tea to your diet is beneficial, but as long as you're consuming a cup or greater an afternoon, that’s excellent!   HOW MUCH CAFFEINE IS IN GREEN TEA? The amount of caffeine in a cup of green tea will depend upon how it became grown and processed and how you brew it. But in line with the Mayo Clinic, an 8 ozcup of green tea has approximately 28 mg of caffeine. This is about half of of what you’d find in a cup of black tea. Overhead view of a white bowl containing dried inexperienced tea leaves. CAN I DRINK GREEN TEA ON AN EMPTY STOMACH? Despite the benefits of inexperienced tea, it’s high-quality to no longer drink it on an empty stomach. Doing so can motive you to experience nausea. It’s the tannins inside the tea that cause the problems. Tannins can boom stomach acids, main you to experience ill and even have a belly pain. It’s best to drink inexperienced tea in among meals. Don’t drink inexperienced tea together with your meal, as it may interfere with iron intake. ARE THERE SIDE EFFECTS TO DRINKING GREEN TEA? People who drink a lot of green tea might also enjoy facet results. If this takes place, it’s a good idea to scale back. Remember, growth how a good deal you drink in a day regularly. Don’t pass all out the primary day. Moderation is constantly best. Like with any caffeine, too much could make you jittery Excessive caffeine can have an effect on sleep Dehydration can arise if you drink in excess due to the fact tea is a diuretic Too tons inexperienced tea can reason complications Some human beings might also enjoy stomach dissatisfied Iron deficient people need to drink green tea one hour after meals or in among food due to the fact it is able to affect iron absorption HOW TO DRINK GREEN TEA

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